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This user property allows you to specify the name of the business component in the business object that represents the parent business component.

When the Document Server receives a request to generate a proposal or presentation, it tries to restore the request context before processing the request. It does this so that business components from which the Proposal business component retrieves data are positioned on the proper record set.


The value for the DataSourceBuscompName user property is the name of a business component in the current business object.


The specified business component is positioned on the correct record first (the record under which the proposal request was submitted) to make sure other business components return proper records based on the link specification, from which the Proposal business component fetches.

In most cases, this user property does not need to be specified because it defaults to the parent business component of the Proposal business component, which is typically the parent business component for related business components.

You need to specify this user property only when the data to be retrieved for various sections in the Proposal is from business components whose parent business component defined in the current business object is not the same as the parent of the Proposal business component. This user property causes data fetched from those business components to be restricted by the link to the business component defined in the user property rather than the default value of the Proposal's parent.

You can inactivate and modify the values for this user property. However, you cannot create new instances of this user property.

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