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Deduplication User Properties

Deduplication detects possible matches to records in specified business components during record creation and update. The matching process begins with the Dedup token, which is an identifier calculated for each account, contact, or prospect in the database as well as the newly created or modified record. Based on the value of the Dedup token, the Siebel application passes to the data quality matching engine a short list of prequalified possible matches for further refinement.

Deduplication, like data cleansing, is configured in two business component user properties, but also affects certain views and applets. The deduplication feature is disabled or enabled for the application through settings in the .cfg file. Once turned on at the application level, deduplication can be turned off for a specific business component by deactivating all of the child user properties (by setting the Inactive property to TRUE). Deduplication cannot be turned off for individual records. If you configure a business component for deduplication, it must also be configured for data cleansing and data cleansing must be turned on. (The reverse is not necessarily true; you can configure data cleansing for a business component without configuring deduplication.)

Data deduplication works only on applets based on the CSSFrameBase and CSSFrameListBase classes, and classes derived from these. Data cleansing works for applets based on any class.

NOTE:  Components from Firstlogic Corporation must be installed for this functionality to work.

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