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This view user property sets the applet within a view that receives focus by default—that is, before a user interacts to dynamically change the applet with focus. This user property is provided to allow overriding the applet that receives default focus as determined by the view type of the view in Siebel Tools.


The name of an applet in the view, not enclosed in quotes.


For example, the Account Screen Homepage View has the DefaultAppletFocus user property set with value Account Home Search Virtual Form Applet. When this view is first accessed, the applet with focus is the Account Home Search Virtual Form Applet.

If the DefaultAppletFocus user property is not added to a view, then the applet with default focus is determined by the view type as specified in Object Explorer > Screen > Screen View. If the view type is Detail View, focus is placed on the second applet, if the view consists of two or more applets. If the view type is any other type, or there is only one applet on the view, focus is placed on the first applet.

You can inactivate this user property or modify its value. You can create new instances of this user property, but you should not create more than one instance for a view.

CAUTION:  If you set default focus to an applet that is off the screen, one of two things may happen: 1) The user may not know where focus is, or 2) The application may try to adjust the vertical position of the view to try to show the in-focus applet. In either case, the behavior may be disruptive to end users.

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