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This user property allows you to specify the context of a proposal. The specified value is compared with the value of the Category field in the Proposal Template, so that only templates within the same category are used in this applet.


The value for the DocumentContextType user property is a string that defines a proposal template category.

The value must exactly match a value in PROPOSAL_TEMPLATE_TYPE LOV.


If the value specified matches one of the values in PROPOSAL_TEMPLATE_TYPE LOV, the templates with the same category value can be used in this applet (they show up in the Template Picklist). For example, a value of Account Proposal filters proposal templates so that only proposal templates with the Account Proposal defined for the Category field are available for the user to choose in the Template picklist in this applet.

You can inactivate and modify the values for this user property. However, you cannot create new instances of this user property.

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Proposal and Presentation

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