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Creating the DUStore Recovery Table

Use the following procedure to create the DUStore table for your supported database, as may be required for your Siebel Universal Queuing configuration. This database table must be created by the database administrator. This procedure can be run before or after you install Siebel Universal Queuing.

For more information, see Database Configuration for Recovery Table.

To create the DUStore table

  1. Log into your database as an administrator or a user with administrative privileges.
  2. Insert the Server Ancillary Programs CD for your supported platform into the CD-ROM drive of the chosen computer.
  3. UNIX only: mount the CD-ROM, if required, to make it accessible.
  4. Navigate to the following directory on the CD-ROM:

    Windows: Thirdpty\enu\universal_queuing\avaya\Database Scripts

    UNIX: Thirdpty/enu/universal_queuing/avaya/Database Scripts

  5. Depending upon the database you will use for the DUStore table, run one of the following scripts, using an SQL analyzer tool supported by your database.
    • dustore_mssql.sql
    • dustore_db2.sql
    • dustore_oracle.sql
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