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Preinstallation Checklist

The preinstallation checklist helps you make sure that you have access to the information needed during the installation.

To prepare for a successful installation, determine the defaults you are going to accept, and the server and database configuration choices you have to make. See Table 1 through Table 6 for more information regarding the following issues:

  • The type of installation you want to perform: single-server or dual-server (if dual-server, you specify separate information for primary and backup server)
  • Primary server hostname and base port number
  • If using a backup server, the backup server hostname
  • SOAP port number and the interval time
  • IP address
  • Choice of an appropriate database:
    • Microsoft SQL Server database input requiring: server name, database name, account name, and password
    • IBM DB2 database input requiring: database alias, table owner, DB2 home directory (UNIX systems only), account name, and password
    • Oracle database input requiring: table owner, connection string, home directory, account name, and password
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