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Agent Availability and Sequential Assignment

Siebel Universal Queuing manages the agent availability state for the agents logged into the routing engine so that work items can be assigned to agents that are available. As an agent's availability is changed by the routing engine, the new state is sent back to Siebel Communications Server and the communications toolbar is updated to reflect the new state.

Siebel Universal Queuing supports two alternative approaches to implementing sequential assignment, which is a way of configuring Siebel Universal Queuing that limits an agent to handling one inbound work item at a time. The work items—across channels—are assigned sequentially. The two approaches, which are not mutually exclusive, are:

  • Using the Wrap Enabled configuration parameter
  • Using sequential assignment as defined in the file callrouteA.def

The two sequential assignment options are ways of simplifying work-item handling for agents. Use Wrap Enabled = TRUE when agents need time to do wrap-up work after releasing a work item.

If you choose not to use either approach, then multiple work items may be assigned to an agent at once, subject to each channel's maximum number of simultaneous sessions.

For more information about these two methods, see Configuring Sequential Assignment.

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