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Viewing Historical Data

Historical data that you can view includes data for work items and data for agents.

Siebel Universal Queuing maintains a journal of work items received and routed. The work item journal contains the following information for each work item:

  • Work item ID
  • Work item channel type
  • Work item data properties
  • Information about processing prior to delivery to an employee (one entry for each escalation step):
    • Routing rule ID, step number, start time, and end time
    • Information about each employee that handled this work item
    • Employee ID, start time, end time, state, user reason code

In addition, Siebel Universal Queuing creates an agent journal when an agent logs out. The agent journal summarizes an agent's performance for this login session. The agent journal contains the following information:

  • Agent ID
  • Login time, logout time, logout reason
  • Number of times agent entered auxwork state, total auxwork time
  • Information about agent work item handling performance (one entry for each channel type):
    • Channel ID
    • Number of work items completed,
    • Channel work time and wrap-up time

The information contained in the work item and agent journals is the basis for the historical statistics described in this section. The predefined historical statistics only displays a subset of the available data. You can specify additional statistical information for custom reports by using the business objects and business components defined in Business Objects and Business Components.

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