This guide describes how to install and configure Siebel Universal Queuing for use with your Siebel applications.

This book will be useful primarily to people whose title or job description matches one of the following:

Call Center Administrators

Persons responsible for setting up and maintaining a call center. Duties include designing and managing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), SmartScripts, and message broadcasts.

Communications Developers

Persons who may integrate a third party universal queuing engine for use with Siebel applications using the Siebel Universal Queuing application programming interface.

Database Administrators

Persons who administer the database system, including data loading; system monitoring, backup, and recovery; space allocation and sizing; and user account management.

Siebel Application Administrators

Persons responsible for planning, setting up, and maintaining Siebel applications.

Siebel Application Developers

Persons who plan, implement, and configure Siebel applications, possibly adding new functionality.

Siebel System Administrators

Persons responsible for the whole system, including installing, maintaining, and upgrading Siebel applications.

The book is organized to present information in a sequence corresponding to the order in which you are likely to install and configure Siebel Universal Queuing. The book contains:

  • Overview information, including an introduction to the terminology and elements used by Siebel Universal Queuing
  • Installation instructions, including failover and troubleshooting information
  • Configuration instructions for setting up the Siebel Universal Queuing routing engine

    NOTE:  End users are not expected to use this book, although some information presented here may be useful to them.

  • Configuration information to set up routes, route properties, escalations, and employee sessions
  • End user information about requesting and transferring work items and viewing statistics
  • Information about business service methods for interfacing with the routing engine
Siebel Universal Queuing Administration Guide