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About Siebel Tools

Siebel Tools is an integrated environment for configuring Siebel applications. You use Siebel Tools to modify standard Siebel objects and create new objects to meet your organization's business requirements. For example, you use Siebel Tools to extend the data model, modify business logic, and define the user interface.

Siebel Tools is a declarative configuration tool, not a programming environment. You use Siebel Tools to create and modify the object definitions (metadata) that define Siebel applications. You do not modify the source code or directly write SQL.

NOTE:  In the context of Siebel applications, the terms object and object definition are not equivalent to the terms "object," "object class," or "object instance" as they are used in the context of programming languages such as C++.

Siebel Tools allows you to develop a single configuration that can be:

  • Deployed across multiple types of clients
  • Used to support multiple Siebel applications and languages
  • Easily maintained
  • Automatically upgraded to future Siebel product releases
Using Siebel Tools