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Configuration Context Toolbar

The Configuration Context toolbar contains drop-down lists that let you define settings for Web browser layout and scripting.

Table 19.  Sample table
Drop-Down List

Target Browser

A drop-down list from which you select a target browser for layout editing and for scripting.


Allows you to configure objects for a specific application. Typically, you work with the All Applications selected. When this option is selected, your configurations are available in all applications. However, by selecting specific applications from the list, you can also configure the layout of objects such as applets and views to look or behave a differently for that application.


Allows you to select High Interactivity or Standard Interactivity. This allows you to configure Web layouts differently, depending on the mode in which the application runs.


Allows you to specify a given display style for an applet for previewing, such as parent, child, or grandchild. Applet may be rendered differently depending on the underlying Web template. For example, the header of an applet may not appear when it is rendered as a grandchild.

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