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About Script Editors

Scripting is used to implement functionality that cannot be achieved declaratively (that is, by changing object properties). The Server Script Editor and the Browser Script Editor are used to add scripts to Siebel objects. Scripting is supported through three features in Siebel applications: Siebel VB, Siebel eScript, and Browser Script.

Server Script Editor

You use the Server Script Editor to create and modify Siebel VB and eScript scripts. You can access the Server Script Editor in two ways:

  • Right-click a scriptable entry in the Object List Editor and choose Edit Server Scripts.
  • Choose View > Editors > Server Script Editor.

For more information, see Siebel eScript Language Reference and Siebel VB Language Reference.

Browser Script Editor

The Browser Script Editor allows you to write and edit Browser Script that runs within the client browser. You can access the Browser Script Editor in the following ways:

  • Right-click an Applet, Business Component, Application, or Business Service object in the Object List Editor and choose Edit Browser Scripts.
  • Choose View > Editors > Browser Script Editor.

    Objects that support browser script, such as applets and business components, have a set of scriptable events, generally including InvokeMethod and PreInvoke Method, as well as object-type specific ones, such as ChangeRecord and ChangeFieldValue for applets.

For for more information about scripting, including a list of scriptable events and callable methods on browser objects, see Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.

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