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Setting Projects to Allow Object Locking

For each project you can specify whether or not developers are allowed to check out and check in individual objects within the project. To allow developers to check out and check in objects, you set the project's Allow Object Locking property to TRUE. To modify the Allow Object Locking property, you must use the SADMIN user ID to log in and you must be logged into a server data source. You cannot set the Allow Object Locking property in your local repository.

To set the Allow Object Locking property

  1. In Siebel Tools, navigate to the project.
  2. In the Object List Editor, right-click, and then choose Toggle Allow Object Locking.

    NOTE:  If a project has the Allow Object Locking configuration file parameter set to TRUE, and the user is logged in to the server using the SADMIN user ID, the Toggle Allow Object Locking menu option is enabled. When the SADMIN chooses this option for a project that is already set to allow object locking, a check is performed to determine whether any objects are locked on the server within the project. If there are objects locked within the project, SADMIN will receive an error message. If the project is locked on the server by someone else, the menu option for Toggle Allow Object Locking will not appear.

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