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About Compiling

After you have modified objects, you need to compile the changes to an SRF. The SRF file is updated with the new objects and they become available in any instances of the Web client reading that SRF file.

NOTE:  An application's configuration file (CFG) includes a parameter (RepositoryFile) that defines the SRF file to read at run time.

You can compile entire projects or individual top-level objects. Compiling projects is more efficient when you have many changes in one or more projects. Compiling objects is more efficient when changes are isolated to only a few objects.

NOTE:  To be able to compile, Siebel Tools must be connected to a database that has the sort order set to binary.

Incremental Repository Upgrade Kits

If you are compiling an SRF file to create an incremental (delta) repository upgrade kit, you can minimize the size of the kit and the time required to upgrade by specifying a Reference SRF when you compile your new SRF. The Reference SRF is a previous (base) version of the SRF. The incremental repository upgrade contains the differences between the Reference SRF and the new SRF only. To specify a Reference SRF, click the Reference SRF button, and specify the path and file name of the previous SRF version. For more information about incremental SRF files and upgrades, see Siebel Anywhere Administration Guide.

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