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Getting Locale-Specific Data Only

After you have performed a full get, you can get locale-specific data without having to get parent objects too. This is useful when you have been working in one language and then switch to another language. For example, suppose you have already populated your local repository with English (ENU) data, but now you want to switch to Japanese (JPN). After switching your language mode to JPN, you can use the Get Locale-Specific Data option to copy JPN records only from the server repository to your local repository.

To get locale-specific data only for projects

  1. Open Siebel Tools and connect to your local database.
  2. Choose Tools > Check Out.
  3. Choose the name of your development repository from the Repository pick list.

    NOTE:  The repository that you select is not necessarily the one opened by Siebel Tools.

  4. Select the Projects for which you want to get locale-specific data.
  5. Click Options.
  6. Make sure your Server Data Source is pointing to your server development database and your Client Data Source is pointing to the local database you previously initialized and are currently running against.
  7. Click OK to close the Development Tools Options dialog box.
  8. In the Check Out dialog box, select the Get Locale Specific Data Only check box.
  9. Click Get.

    Data stored in child locale objects of the selected projects are copied from the server repository to your local repository.

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