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Handling Requests Only Through the XML Web Interface

If Siebel Wireless needs to handle requests only through the XML Web Interface, perform the following configuration:

  • Make sure that the MarkupLanguage parameter in the SWE section of relevant Siebel Wireless server configuration files is set as follows:


    MarkupLanguage = XML

    NOTE:  If the MarkupLanguage parameter is set to XML for a particular Siebel Wireless application, the XML Web Interface is used to handle all wireless requests from all browsers regardless of the DefaultMarkup value defined for their user agent.

Overriding Using the XML Web Interface to Handle All Wireless Requests

You can override the process of determining a markup language for a particular request by setting the SWESetMarkup parameter for inbound wireless requests. Valid values for this SWESetMarkup parameter are XML or HTML (not WML).

For example, you can set this parameter to force a particular wireless request to be rendered in XML, regardless of the MarkupLanguage defined in the wireless configuration file or the DefaultMarkup defined for that browser:


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