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Searching in Siebel Wireless

To find items in Siebel Wireless, you need to enter a search string in one or more fields.

Each search string can be one of the following:

  • An exact field value. For example, if you are searching for contacts with the last name Andrews, enter the string Andrews in the last name field.
  • The start of a field value. For example, to search for contacts with last names starting with A, enter A in the last name field.

    Siebel Wireless automatically assumes a wildcard (*) at the end of the search string to represent 0 or more characters—though not at the end of a date string.

  • Any part of a field value. You can enter a search string containing as many wildcards as you want. For example, if you remember that an account has the words Home and Store in the name but are not sure of the whole name, enter *Home*Store* in the account field to find all accounts containing this pattern. This pattern would match all of the following values:
    • HomeStore
    • AtHomeStore
    • HomeToStore
    • HomeToStore, Inc.

Using a Multifield Search

Siebel Wireless allows you to search for the information you need using multiple fields. For example, you can search for a contact by both first and last name. You are not required to enter search criteria for each available search field. If you leave a field blank, no criteria are considered for that field in the search.

The following procedure is an example of how to use multifield search from the Contacts display view.

To use multifield search from the Contact display view

  1. Select the Search link on the Contact display view.
  2. Enter search criteria for Last Name, if desired.
  3. Click the OK soft key, if required, and enter any desired search criteria for First Name.
  4. Submit the search by selecting the submit link.

    The Contact display view displays contacts with names meeting the search criteria you entered.

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