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Examples of Common Uses of Siebel Wireless

This section gives instructions for tasks you might commonly perform with Siebel Wireless applications:

  • Siebel PRM Wireless
    • Viewing Service Request (SR) detail and reviewing associated activities and orders
    • Viewing quotes and updating opportunities

      For an example of using Siebel Wireless PRM, see Example of Using Siebel PRM Wireless.

  • Siebel Self-Service Wireless
  • Siebel Sales Wireless
    • Managing the Siebel calendar and updating activities
    • Reviewing account details and updating order and opportunity information
    • Creating and submitting a correspondence request
    • Querying the employee database and calling an employee

      For an example of using Siebel Sales Wireless, see Example of Using Siebel Sales Wireless.

  • Siebel Service Wireless
    • Managing Service Requests and Orders
    • Ordering missing recommended parts
    • Creating and tracking field part movements

      For an example of using Siebel Service Wireless, see Example of Using Siebel Service Wireless.

NOTE:  As described above, the commands required to link and submit changes may vary slightly from browser to browser for these examples.

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