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About WAP Server Deployment Options

The wireless carrier or by your own enterprise can host the WAP server

This section explains the two deployment options and suggests reasons you might choose one over the other.

In addition to the carrier solution discussed in About Establishing an External IP Address, Siebel Systems also supports an enterprise solution in which the wireless gateway is located within the enterprise's network firewall. This solution may provide an additional level of security.

Data sent across the Internet between the enterprise Web server and the carrier's WAP gateway is through the HTTP protocol and is not encrypted. However, it is possible to alternatively use the HTTPs protocol, which is encrypted. Traffic between the WAP gateway and the wireless device uses the WAP protocol and is encrypted. Be sure to verify all encryption information with your carrier.

If security is paramount and you are using a carrier solution, it is possible to set up a secure data connection for the carrier solution. This would connect the carrier's WAP gateway to the enterprise Web server, thereby bypassing the Internet. Additionally, there is reduced latency with this solution.

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