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Case Sensitivity in Siebel eScript

Siebel eScript is case-sensitive. A variable named testvar is a different variable than one named TestVar, and both of them can exist in a script at the same time. Thus, the following code fragment defines two separate variables:

var testvar = 5;
var TestVar = "five";

Identifiers in Siebel eScript are case-sensitive. For example, to raise an error from the server, the TheApplication().RaiseErrorText() method could be used:

TheApplication().RaiseErrorText("an error has occurred");

If you change the capitalization to

TheApplication().raiseerrortext("an error has occurred");

the Siebel eScript interpreter generates an error message.

Control statements are also case-sensitive. For example, the statement while is valid, but the statement While is not.

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