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setArrayLength() Method

This function sets the first index and length of an array.


setArrayLength(array[, minIndex], length])



The name of the array whose length you wish to find


The index of the lowest element at which to start counting; must be 0 or less


The length of the array


This function sets the length of array to a range bounded by minIndex and length. If three parameters are supplied, minIndex, which must be 0 or less, is the minimum index of the newly sized array, and length is the length. Any elements outside the bounds set by minIndex and length become undefined. If only two parameters are passed to setArrayLength(), the second parameter is length and the minimum index of the newly sized array is 0.

CAUTION:  The setArrayLength() function is unique to Siebel eScript. Avoid using it in a script that may be used with a JavaScript interpreter that does not support it.

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