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String.fromCharCode() Static Method

This method returns a string created from the character codes that are passed to it as parameters.


String.fromCharCode(code1, code2, ... coden)


code1, code2, ... coden

Integers representing Unicode character codes


A new string containing the characters specified by the codes.


This static method allows you to create a string by specifying the individual Unicode values of the characters in it. The identifier String is used with this static method, instead of a variable name as with instance methods because it is a property of the String constructor. The parameters passed to this method are assumed to be Unicode values. The following line:

var string1 = String.fromCharCode(0x0041,0x0042);

sets the variable string1 to "AB".


The following example uses the decimal Unicode values of the characters to create the string "Siebel". For another example, read offset[] Method.

var seblStr = String.fromCharCode(83, 105, 101, 98, 101, 108);

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