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Business Service Objects

Business service objects are objects that can be used to implement reusable business logic within the Object Manager. They include both built-in business services, which may be scripted but not modified, and user-defined objects. Using business services, you can configure standalone objects or modules with both properties and scripts. Business services may be used for generic code libraries that can be called from any other scripts. The code attached to a menu item or a toolbar button may be implemented as a business service. Methods of existing Siebel business service objects are documented in the Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.

Method or Event

GetFirstProperty() Method

GetFirstProperty() retrieves the name of the first property of a business service.

GetNextProperty() Method

Once the name of the first property has been retrieved, the GetNext Property() method retrieves the name of the next property of a business service.

GetProperty() Method

The GetProperty() method returns the value of the property whose name is specified in its parameter.

InvokeMethod() Method

The InvokeMethod() method calls a specialized method or a user-created method.

Name() Method

The Name() method returns the name of the service.

PropertyExists() Method

PropertyExists() returns a Boolean value indicating whether a specified property exists.

RemoveProperty() Method

RemoveProperty() removes a property from a business service.

Service_InvokeMethod() Event

The InvokeMethod() event is called after the InvokeMethod method is called on a business service.

Service_PreCanInvokeMethod() Event

The PreInvokeMethod() event is called before the PreInvokeMethod, so the developer can determine whether or not the user has the authority to invoke the business service method.

Service_PreInvokeMethod() Event

The PreInvokeMethod() event is called before a specialized method is invoked on the business service.

SetProperty() Method

This method assigns a value to a property of a business service.

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