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Siebel eScript File-Manipulation Methods

The following is a list of file manipulation methods.


Clib.feof() Method

Tests whether at the end of a file stream

Clib.fflush() Method

Flushes the stream of one or more open files

Clib.fgetc() Method and Clib.getc() Method

Gets a character from a file stream

Clib.fgetpos() Method

Gets the current file cursor position in a file stream

Clib.fgets() Method

Gets a string from an input stream

Clib.fprintf() Method

Writes formatted output to a file stream

Clib.fputc() Method and Clib.putc() Method

Writes a character to a file stream

Clib.fputs() Method

Writes a string to a file stream

Clib.fread() Method

Reads data from a file

Clib.fscanf() Method

Gets formatted input from a file stream

Clib.fseek() Method

Sets the file cursor position in an open file stream

Clib.fsetpos() Method

Sets the file cursor position in a file stream

Clib.ftell() Method

Gets the current value of the file cursor

Clib.fwrite() Method

Writes data to a file

Clib.rewind() Method

Resets the file cursor to the beginning of a file


Pushes a character back to the input stream

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