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Numeric Methods in Siebel eScript

The following is a list of numeric methods.


Clib.div() Method and Clib.ldiv() Method

Performs integer division and returns an object with the quotient and remainder.

Clib.frexp() Method

Breaks a real number into a mantissa and an exponent as a power of 2.

Clib.ldexp() Method

Calculates mantissa * 2 ^ exp.

Clib.modf() Method

Splits a value into integer and fractional parts.

Clib.rand() Method

Returns a random real number between 0 and 1.

Clib.srand() Method

Seeds the random number generator.

Math.abs() Method

Returns the absolute value of an integer.

Math.ceil() Method

Rounds a real number up to the next highest integer.

Math.exp() Method

Computes the exponential function.

Math.floor() Method

Rounds a real number down to the next lowest integer.

Math.log() Method

Calculates the natural logarithm.

Math.max() Method

Returns the largest of one or more values.

Math.min() Method

Returns the smallest of one or more values.

Math.pow() Method

Calculates x to the power of y.

Math.random() Method

Returns a random real number between 0 and 1.

Math.round() Method

Rounds a value up or down.

Math.sqrt() Method

Calculates the square root.

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