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Siebel eScript Disk and Directory Methods

The following is a list of disk and directory methods.


Clib.chdir() Method

Changes directory

Clib.flock() Method

Handles file locking and unlocking

Clib.getcwd() Method

Gets the current working directory

Clib.mkdir() Method

Creates a directory

Clib.rmdir() Method

Removes a directory

Backslashes (\) can be interpreted as escape characters. When forming Windows path names, double each backslash to prevent this interpretation. For example, to change the working directory to C:\Applications\Myfolder, use the following command.


Similarly, when using UNC paths to access a computer on your network, use four backslashes (\\\\) before the computer name.

Clib.system("copy \\\\server01\\share\\SR.txt D:\\SR.txt ");

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