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Working with Resolution Documents and Literature Under UNIX

Resolution documents and Literature are two special indices. The two Search Categories are different from other categories because they have attachments stored in the Siebel file system. When you click on the Index button in the Search Index View, the Siebel Server will not only create two scripts files, but it will also retrieve the attachments from the Siebel file system and uncompress them. They will be stored in the /export/home/siebel/temp/search directory. If these files are not on the directory, please check the following:

After the scripts are created and the attachments are created in the /export/home/siebel/temp/search directory, you can then use the execsql utility to create index file as described above.

Every time you click on the Index button for Literature or Resolution Documents, the existing attachment files will be removed and the Siebel Server will retrieve the correct set of attachments again. This behavior also works when the Refresh button is clicked for these two search categories. So when you plan to create an index for Literature and Resolution Documents, finish one category first and then create the other. Otherwise, the attachments created for the first category will be removed when you click on the Index or Refresh button for the second category and the first index may fail because execsql utility cannot find attachments in the /export/home/siebel/temp/search directory.

NOTE:  Since Literature and Resolution Documents are so unusual, the RefreshAll script (FUL_REFRESH.FTE) cannot be used to refresh Literature and Resolution Documents. You will need to refresh them by running the individual script files.

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003