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Max Search Rows Setting

This setting specifies the maximum number of rows to be included in a working table. Setting this value permits an application to stop very general searches from returning too many rows. For example, you can limit the search so that it retrieves only 10 result rows. The default value is 0, which allows SearchServer to retrieve an unlimited number of rows.


Property: Max Search Rows

Value: 500

To create max search rows setting

  1. Navigate to Search Administration > Basic Settings.
  2. From the Setting Properties menu, select New Record.
  3. A new row appears in the Setting Properties list.

  4. Click in the Name column of the new row, and from the drop-down list, select Max Search Rows.
  5. Click in the Value column of the new row, and in the text box, enter the maximum rows searched, and then click Save.

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003