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Creating a Hummingbird Client Connector Under Windows

To configure Search Server 5.0 to work in a client/server environment, you need to configure the server, then the client. To enable remote searching, you must create a client connector on the machine where Hummingbird Search Server 5.0 was installed.

Configuring a server node involves defining one or more services, each of which corresponds to a unique network access path that will respond to a valid client connection request by activating a Search Server process. The server process acts as the client's agent and provides access to the set of tables associated with the access path. After configuring the server, you should configure the client and use it to verify the client and server configuration.

Configuring the Server for Remote Searching

To create the server in the Hummingbird Connector Manager, complete the following steps:

To create a client connector on the server

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Programs/Hummingbird/Search Server 5.0/Hummingbird Connector Manager.
  2. Locate the Siebel Server directory. For example: c:\siebsrvr\...
  3. Click Setup, and then click Add in the Hummingbird Connector Server Service Setup dialog box.
  4. Enter the values as shown below:
    1. Select Automatic to start the service automatically when the computer is started.
    2. Client Connector: The client connector uses the symbol for the network protocol in use, and the port. The default protocol along with port number is tcp2048.
    3. Fulcreate: Specify the location where the tables will be created. Multiple directories must be semi-colon separated. For example, C:\siebsrvr\search\ServerDataSrc\index.
    4. Fulsearch: Specify the directory or directories where the tables will be searched. For example, C:\program files\Hummingbird\Search Server5.0\fultext;C:\siebsrvr\search\ServerDataSrc\index.
    5. Fultemp: Specify the location for temporary files during indexing and searching operations. For example, C:\siebsrvr\search\ServerDataSrc\temp.
    6. For information on Environmental Variables, see Siebel Search Environmental Variables.

  5. For the Connection Security option, choose Ignored (default is also the Ignored option).
  6. Start the service by clicking OK, and then click Close.
  7. Highlight the service and click Start.
  8. If you wish, click Close. (If you close the window, you will have to reopen the Hummingbird Connector Manager when you want to stop the service.)
  9. The service must be started before users can access the search indices through the client connector.

Configuring the Client for Remote Searching

To create the client for remote searching in the Hummingbird Connector Manager, complete the following steps:

To configure Siebel Server for remote searching under Windows

  1. Run Siebel Server installation wizard.
  2. During the installation process you will be presented with the following dialog box.

    Click for full size image

  3. Enter the Remote Search Server Name, and Port Number.
  4. Follow the remainder of the installation instructions listed in the Siebel Server Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003