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Upgrade Notes for Windows Users

If any previous version of Hummingbird (formerly Fulcrum) SearchServer is already installed on your Windows machine, log on as a System Administrator and use the following procedure to remove it before installing version 5.0 of SearchServer.

NOTE:  Siebel Search 7.5 integrates with Hummingbird SearchServer 5.0. If you have used a prior version of Siebel Search, you must upgrade Hummingbird SearchServer to version 5.0.

To remove an earlier version of Fulcrum

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Settings > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Services icon.
  3. Double-click on any of the listed Fulcrum services, then select disable.
  4. These services may include:

  5. Once all the Fulcrum Services have been marked Disabled, close the Services Window.
  6. On each server and client running SearchServer 3.7, do the following:
    1. Note the directory in which Hummingbird is currently installed (the default is c:\Program Files\Hummingbird). You will be installing SearchServer 5.0 in the same directory.
    2. From the Windows Start menu, choose Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
    3. From the list of installed programs, click any of the following that appear, and click Install/Uninstall.
      • SearchBuilder for C, SearchBuilder for VB/VC++, or SearchBuilder for VB/C++
      • Fulcrum FulView
      • International Linguistic Option
      • International Thesaurus Option
      • SearchServer
      • SearchServer Desktop
      • SearchServer Administrator
      • FTMF 5.2.1 Service Pack 1 for SearchServer 3.7.
      • Ir FulcrumEn 1.0.25
      • NOTE:  If your previously installed version of Fulcrum SearchServer is version 3.7 or earlier, you may be required to perform the following steps:

  7. On the My Computer icon on your desktop, right click and choose Properties.
  8. Click the Environment tab.
  9. In the User Variables window, navigate to PATH, highlight the path including c:\Fulcrum\bin.
  10. Delete this portion of the path, then restart your machine.

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003