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Creating a DataDirect ODBC Datasource Under UNIX

You need to configure a DataDirect ODBC datasource to use with SearchServer.

To create a DataDirect ODBC datasource

  1. Navigate to the fulcrum/DataDirect, for example:
  2. "cd /export/home/fulcrum/DataDirect"

  3. Open the file odbc.ini in this directory with a text editor such as "vi", for example:
  4. "vi odbc.ini"

  5. There are a number of changes that need to be made in the odbc.ini file:
    1. Within the "[ODBC]" section, replace all instances of "<enter Connect ODBC installation path>" with the fully qualified path up to and including your ./DataDirect directory.
    2. Add a datasource to odbc.ini.

For Oracle Databases

Under the "[ODBC Data Sources]" section, add a new line for your datasource, for example:

"Siebel_Search=DataDirect 4.10 Oracle Wire Protocol" (AIX)

"Siebel_Search=DataDirect 4.0 Oracle Wire Protocol" (Solaris)

"Siebel_Search=DataDirect 4.10 Oracle Wire Protocol" (HP-UX)

Now you need to add a new section to odbc.ini for your own datasource, specifying parameters for your database connection. For example:


Driver=/export/home/fulcrum/DataDirect/lib/ (AIX)
Driver=/export/home/fulcrum/DataDirect/lib/ (Solaris)
Driver=/export/home/fulcrum/DataDirect/lib/ (HP-UX)

Description=DataDirect 4.10 Oracle Wire Protocol (AIX)
Description=DataDirect 4.0 Oracle Wire Protocol (Solaris)
Description=DataDirect 4.10 Oracle Wire Protocol (HP-UX)

LogonID=<your login>

Password=<your password>

HostName=<Oracle database host name>

PortNumber=<Oracle database port number>

SID=<Oracle System Identifier>







Driver contains the path to the driver (AIX) and (Solaris) and (HP-UX) in your own setup.

LogonID is the ID you use to connect to the database.

Password is the name of the password for the specified LogonID.

Host is the name or the IP address of the server to which you want to connect.

Port Number is the port number of your Oracle listener. See your database administrator for the correct number.

SID is the Oracle System Identifier that refers to the instance of Oracle running on your server.

Now save your changes to odbc.ini.

For DB2 Databases

Under the "[ODBC Data Sources]" section, add a new line for your datasource. For example:

"siebsrvr_siebel=DataDirect 4.10 DB2 Wire Protocol Driver" (AIX)

"siebsrvr_siebel=DataDirect 4.00 DB2 Wire Protocol Driver" (Solaris)

Now you need to add a new section for your datasource, specifying the parameters specific to your database connection, for example:



Description=DataDirect 4.10 DB2 Wire Protocol Driver (AIX)

Description=DataDirect 4.00 DB2 Wire Protocol Driver (Solaris)






Package=db2pac (for other)

Package=DB2PAC (for DB2/390)



Driver contains the path to the driver (AIX) and (Solaris) in your own setup.

IpAddress is the database server machine name or IP address

Database is the name of your database

TcpPort is the port you are using to connect to the database

Now save your changes to odbc.ini.

NOTE:  You need to use the username and password specified above (siebel and db2) for the next step to work correctly. You will also need to log into the Siebel application with this user name and password (siebel and db2) whenever you wish to create or refresh indices.

Additional Step for DB2 Databases Only

You need to perform one extra step if you are using a DB2 database. You need to run a program that binds a package for the database server you need to connect to. You can do this by using the "bind18" program (for AIX) or the "bind 17" program (for Solaris) located in the fulcrum/DataDirect/lib directory. You run the command with 1 argument, the name of the datasource (in this case, siebsrvr_siebel).

  1. source '/export/home/fulcrum/setfuladmin.csh'
  2. run 'cd /export/home/fulcrum/DataDirect/lib'
  3. run './bind18 siebsrvr_siebel' (AIX)
  4. run './bind17 siebsrvr_siebel' (Solaris)

This step only needs to be done once, because other datasources can use the same bind package named "db2pac". This parameter is specified by the "Package" variable in your datasource configuration.

NOTE:  DataDirect constrains the "Package" parameter to be no more than 6 characters in length.

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003