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DataDirect ODBC Driver Installation and Configuration

SearchServer 5.0 uses DataDirect ODBC drivers to connect to your database. You will need to install DataDirect, and then perform extra steps to setup an ODBC datasource that DataDirect can use.

To install DataDirect ODBC drivers

  1. Copy the patch file from the release CD to your Hummingbird install directory. The patch is located on the release CD at /thirdparty/fulcrum/enu/[platform]/patch/[platform]_patch.tar.Z. For example:
  2. run 'cp [platform]_patch.tar.Z /export/home/fulcrum'

  3. Navigate to your Hummingbird directory, then uncompress the patch file, for example:
  4. run 'cd /export/home/fulcrum'

    run 'uncompress [platform]_patch.tar.Z'

    run 'tar -xvf [platform]_patch.tar'

    This will create a "DataDirect" directory below fulcrum/ and replace some fulcrum files.

  5. Delete the patch file, for example:
  6. run 'rm [platform]_patch.tar''

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003