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Restricting the Indexing of Records

The Search Server 5.0 database text reader (dbtr) permits partial table selection for improved performance. The text reader's table definition (which is defined in the DID file) can include a WHERE clause to specify which rows are included in the selection. To constrain the scope of data that is indexed, you can define a Search Filter Field in Siebel Tools, for the Search Index that you wish to constrain. The Search Filter Field object needs to have the Field Type set to Constraint and the constraint spec should be filled in the Column Name field. The string specified as the constraint is not checked for syntax and is added as is to the Hummingbird DID file. Please look at the Search Server 5.0 documentation for more details.

NOTE:  These fields cannot be used in filter search specs through a filter search spec or exposed on the UI as filter fields.

For example, to index only Literature items that are marked external, you add a Search Filter Field in Tools under Literature Search Index -> "FUL_LIT" Search Table:

Given the above filter field definition, the FUL_LIT.DID file generated by Siebel Search will have this extra line:


The BC Field you select for a constraint filter field can be any field in the buscomp including joined fields. For example, to index only the Product that belongs to Caterpillar organization, you add a Search Filter Field under Product Search Index -> "FUL_PROD" Search Table:

The DID file generated will include the appropriate join clauses as well as the restrict clause:


 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003