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Creating Database Triggers

The Generate Trigger (GenTrig) component on the Siebel Server allows you to create database triggers. Workflow Policies uses database triggers to identify which records match policy conditions. You should run Generate Triggers when you:

To run Generate Triggers, you must have installed Siebel Server, and the client you are using must be enabled to access the Siebel Server Administration screens. See the installation guide for the operating system you are using for more information on installing Server Manager.

CAUTION:  If you have incorrectly defined a policy condition, running Generate Triggers may result in invalid triggers. An invalid trigger can prevent execution of normal user transactions. For this reason, you should thoroughly test your policies in your test environment before you deploy them in your production system.

Generating triggers is a one- or two-step process, depending on how the EXEC parameter is set; the default setting is FALSE.

If the EXEC parameter is set to TRUE, the Generate Trigger component automatically creates the SQL script and applies it to the server database.

If the EXEC parameter is set to FALSE, generating triggers is a two-step process:

  1. Use the Generate Triggers component from a Siebel Server to create the SQL script file, which is placed in the root directory of the Siebel Server installation.
  2. Use your database vendor's SQL tool to execute the SQL script file against the server database.

You can run the Generate Triggers component from either the Server Manager graphical user interface (GUI) or command line mode. Both the GUI and the command line use the same parameters.

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 Published: 29 May 2003