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Creating a Send Message Broadcast Action

In this example, a service department wants to automate its notification policy for open service requests when open requests for one agent reach at least 20.

To create a Message Broadcast Action for open service requests

  1. In the Workflow Policies Actions view, fill in the Actions applet fields.
    1. Create a new record in the Actions applet and enter the name of the action:

       Alert Agent of Open SRs

    1. Select a predefined workflow policy program from the Program field picklist:

       Send SR Message Broadcast

    1. Select a predefined workflow policy object from the Workflow Object field picklist:

       Service Request

  2. Complete the Send Message Broadcast Arguments form using message arguments and typing in static text.
    1. Enter text in Abstract:

       You have over 20 Service Requests.

    1. Enter text in Message Template:

       You have over 20 service requests. Please review your
       service request queue.

  3. Fill in the Recipients applet.
    1. Select a predefined Recipient Type from the Recipient Type field picklist:

       Send to Relative

    1. Select the Recipient Name from the Recipient Name picklist:

       SR Owner

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide 
 Published: 29 May 2003