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Defining Expressions for Workflows Running in a Multilingual Environment

Workflows use the Display value to fetch records from tables. In a multilingual deployment, the data in the tables is stored in language-independent code (LIC). To run workflows in a multilingual environment, you should use the LookupValue function to fetch the LIC based on the Display value.

Example 1: You have a Decision step that compares Account Status to "Active". The Account Status field is bounded by the Account Status picklist. You can set the Compare To field to "Expression", and set the Expression field to:

[Account Status] = LookupValue ("ACCOUNT_STATUS", "Active")

Example 2: You have a Business Service step that calls the Outbound Communications Manager to send emails to "Expense Approver". The Recipient Group argument is bounded by the Comm Recipient Group picklist. You can set the Type field to "Expression", and set the Value field to:

LookupValue ("COMM_RECIP_SRC", "Comm Employee")

For more information on globalization, see Global Deployment Guide. For more information on configuring Siebel Workflow to use MLOV-enabled fields, see Siebel Tools Reference.

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 Published: 29 May 2003