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Enabling Workflow Persistence

Persistence is controlled by two settings within workflow definitions: persistence frequency and persistence level. You enable workflow persistence in the Workflow Processes view by adjusting these settings.

Persistence Frequency

Persistency frequency dictates how often the workflow engine stores state data. By default, persistence frequency is set to Never, meaning that persistence is not enabled for that particular process definition. The other options for the Persistence Frequency field are the following:

Persistence Level

Persistence level dictates the quantity of workflow state data that is saved to the database. The options for the Persistence Level setting are the following:

NOTE:  If data of size greater than 16K is saved into the business component table, only 16K is retrieved and the rest is truncated.

To enable workflow persistence

  1. Navigate to Site Map > Business Process Administration > Workflow Processes and select the process you want to work with.
  2. On the All Processes tab, enter values for the Persistence Frequency field and the Persistence Level field using the drop-down picklists.

NOTE:  If you are enabling persistence to suspend and resume a process, the recommended persistence settings are On Pause for persistence frequency and Current Step for persistence level. Only the current step data is used for resuming a process. Any higher setting has no effect on persisting and resuming the process.

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide 
 Published: 29 May 2003