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Running a Workflow Process in Batch

Workflow processes can be run in batch mode by running the Workflow Process Batch Manager server component. Executing a process in batch allows you to execute the actions in a workflow process for multiple records. When you are running a process in batch, you may want to specify a search specification to limit the number of records that are evaluated.

Workflow Process Batch Manager takes the parameter SearchSpec, then executes the search specification on the primary business component of the process business object. For each fetched record, the Workflow Process Batch Manager invokes the workflow process and sets the Object ID process property as the current active row.

Table 37. Workflow Process Batch Manager Parameters
Display Name
Workflow Process Name
Required. Name of the workflow process definition to execute.
Search Specification
Search specification that identifies the work items to process.

For more information on running a workflow process in batch, see Siebel Server Administration Guide.

Component jobs are used for regularly scheduled components. Component requests are used in this example:

  1. Navigate to Site Map >Server Administration >Enterprise Operations.
  2. In the Component Request form, click New.
  3. In the Component/Job field, click the ellipsis. The Component/Jobs dialog box appears.
  4. Select Workflow Process Batch Manager.
  5. In the Component Request Parameters form applet, click New.
  6. In the Name field, click the ellipsis, then select Workflow Process Name from the dialog box.
  7. In the Value field, type in the name of the Workflow Process to execute.
  8. Click New to add another parameter.
  9. In the Name field, click on the ellipsis.
  10. Select Search Specification.
  11. In the Value field, provide a search specification.

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 Published: 29 May 2003