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Testing Processes with the Process Simulator

Testing your workflow processes before migrating them to your production environment verifies that resulting actions are accurate and useful and the results are exactly what you want.

You need to develop a test and migration procedure for introducing changes into the production environment. Some of the considerations for this procedure are discussed in Planning for Workflow Processes.

CAUTION:  Your test environment and production environment must have identical versions of the software.

Of the various ways to invoke a workflow process, using the Process Simulator provides an easy way to debug a workflow process from the Siebel Business Process Designer. You can debug process steps as you define them by switching from the Process Designer view to the Process Simulator view and back again.

NOTE:  When the workflow process is run from the Workflow Process Simulator, it runs in the application object manager. Actual invocation of the process may be run in the application object manager or in the Workflow Process Manager server session, depending on specific parameters.

The other methods involve invoking a workflow process outside of the Siebel Business Process Designer. For information on these methods of invoking a workflow process, see Invoking a Workflow Process. For information about invoking a workflow process from a server component, see Overview: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume I and Siebel eMail Response Administration Guide.

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 Published: 29 May 2003