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Deleting a Step or Process

CAUTION:  Deleting a process definition deletes all associated process instances, whether they are stopped, waiting, or running. Before you delete a process, be sure that it is not a subprocess in another process. To back up or save the records of the process, you can query the process definitions and then use the Export button on the All Processes view. This saves a copy of the process in an XML format file that you can later import back into Siebel Workflow.

To delete a process

  1. From the Business Process Administration screen, choose the All Processes view.
  2. Select the process you want to delete.
  3. Right-click the applet menu, then select Delete Process.

To delete a step

  1. From the flowchart diagram, choose the icon for the step you would like to delete.
  2. Right-click the icon, then select Edit > Delete.

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide for Financial Services 
 Published: 22 May 2003