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Siebel XML Converters

Siebel eAI includes four XML converter business services:

NOTE:  XML converters may add unexpected carriage returns throughout the output document, for readability reasons. These characters are not significant and can be removed if the receiving application does not expect them and produces a parsing error. You can use eScript or Siebel VB to remove them.

Table 16 outlines the differences among these converters. Using these converters, Siebel eAI supports three types of standard XML integrations:

NOTE:  These converters do not support Shift-JIS page code on UNIX platforms.

You can specify most parameters for the XML Converters as either business service method arguments or as user properties on the business service. If a business service method argument and a user property have the same name, the business service method argument always takes precedence over the user property.

NOTE:  There are also two associated business services for XML that combine XML Converters with file reading and writing, which are useful for testing and debugging during the development phase. These are the EAI XML Read from File business service and the EAI XML Write to File business service.

 XML Reference: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume V 
 Published: 23 June 2003