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Siebel eAI and XML

Siebel eAI support for XML allows you to communicate with any Siebel system or external system, or with trading partners that can read and write XML (either arbitrary XML or Siebel XML, also known as the Siebel Message format).

XML documents are delivered directly to and from Siebel applications, or through middleware such as BizTalk using any of the supported transports: HTTP, IBM MQSeries, Microsoft Messaging Queue (MSMQ), File, and so on. XML communicated in this way can query Siebel Database, upsert (update or insert) data, synchronize the two systems, delete data, or execute a workflow process.

Objects from various systems—Siebel Business Objects, SAP IDOCs, and Oracle application data—can be represented as common structures that the EAI infrastructure can understand: Integration Objects.

Siebel can also communicate bidirectionally with Web Services using Simple Object Application Protocol (SOAP) XML. For details, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume II.

NOTE:  If you do a minimal client installation, make sure you check the XML parser option; otherwise, you will encounter the following error when attempting to run any client process that uses the XML parser; "Unable to create the Business Service `EAI XML Converter.'" The XML parser is included by default in the full installation.

 XML Reference: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume V 
 Published: 23 June 2003