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Metadata Support

For sending and receiving information for Siebel Objects in an XML format between Siebel systems and external systems, Siebel systems supports the metadata representations for XML known as XSDs (XML Schema Definitions), DTDs (Document Type Definitions), and XDRs (XML Data Reduced, a Microsoft specification). Support for XSDs and DTDs gives you a way to communicate with external systems using externally defined XML documents, instead of having to use the Siebel XSD and DTD format.

The Siebel application includes a Schema Generator wizard to assist in the creation of XML Integration Objects, using an externally defined XSD or DTD. The XSD and DTD are used to map data between the Siebel application and an external integration object, and to transform data, as needed. These tasks are conducted using the Siebel Data Mapper.

NOTE:  XDR support is especially significant if your business uses Microsoft BizTalk Server for information exchange. For details, see Transports and Interfaces: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume III.

 XML Reference: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume V 
 Published: 23 June 2003