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Updating Siebel Database for Batches with Both an Insert and Update to the Same Record

You may need to update the Siebel database with a batch that contains a record to be inserted as well as an update to that same row. When you use EIM to do this, a record will be inserted, but the update will be flagged as a duplicate.

EIM processes a record once for each batch, so for each record, MIN(ROW_ID) is processed, and the other record is marked as a duplicate (IF_ROW_STAT is set to DUP_RECORD_IN_EIM_TBL for the duplicate record). If you enter the user key of a record with different attributes twice in the EIM table, only the record with the MIN(ROW_ID) will be imported or updated. The duplicate will be ignored.

To avoid this situation, analyze the input records before beginning the EIM task. If you find duplicate records, you can either combine them into one record, or specify a different batch number for the duplicate record so as to process the update in a separate batch. For more information, see Separating EIM Processes by Operation.

 Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide 
 Published: 05 January 2004