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Adjusting the Case of Values

EIM supports various case values defined for base table columns in Siebel Tools. EIM adjusts the case value of an EIM table column according to the Force Case property of the corresponding base table column.

NOTE:  The case values supported by EIM are listed in the Force Case property of the Column object in Siebel Tools. Force Case is a protected property that you cannot change.

Prior to importing data into base table columns, EIM also adjusts the case of values in EIM table columns as defined in the list of values. The available case modes include:

NOTE:  Letters are defined as A through Z (ASCII only). Words are defined as groups of letters separated by spaces (not punctuation).

If a requested case mode is not supported by the database, EIM performs a row-by-row pass through the EIM table to adjust the case of column values and update the row accordingly. If this occurs, you should expect slower import processing.

NOTE:  To change the case mode, consult Siebel Expert Services because this requires changing read-only properties defined at the table level.

 Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide 
 Published: 05 January 2004