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Importing Contacts to Make Them Visible in the Contact List

You need to use EIM_CONTACT to import into S_PARTY, S_CONTACT, and S_POSTN_CON. Make sure S_POSTN_CON.POSTN_ID references valid positions and that there is at least one employee associated with each position. S_POSTN_CON.POSTN_ID is mapped by PC_POSTN_NAME, PC_POSTN_DIVN, PC_POSTN_LOC, and PC_POSTN_BU in EIM_CONTACT. PC_POSTN_BU does not map to S_POSTN.BU_ID and BU_ID is not among the user key columns of S_POSTN. Instead, PC_POSTN_BU together with PC_POSTN_DIVN and PC_POSTN_LOC are used to resolve the S_POSTN.OU_ID, which refers to the divisions the positions belong to.

Divisions are stored in S_ORG_EXT with user key columns NAME, LOC, and BU_ID. For divisions, S_ORG_EXT.BU_ID references Default Organization; therefore, PC_POSTN_BU should be populated with Default Organization.

 Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide 
 Published: 05 January 2004