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Importing an Initial Batch of Legacy Data

When you are importing an initial batch of legacy data, you need to complete the following procedure.

To import initial batches of data

  1. In the EIM table, assign a unique batch number to each batch of data in the IF_ROW_BATCH_NUM column.
  2. Disable the Docking: Transaction Logging preference.

    NOTE:  Typically, initial data loads require transaction logging to be turned off. Siebel Mobile Web Clients will receive their updates during this initial data load.

    1. Navigate to the System Preferences screen.
    2. Select Docking: Transaction Logging.
    3. In the System Preference Value field, type FALSE.

      Do not change this value to TRUE until after you import all the initial data.

    4. Click Save.

      You can also change the transaction logging preference by changing the LOG TRANSACTIONS parameter in the EIM configuration file. For more information, see Process Section Parameters Generic to All EIM Processes.

      The following figure shows an example of disabling the Docking: Transaction Logging Preference in the System Preferences view.

      Click for full size image
  3. Start an EIM task for each batch number.

    For information on running an EIM process, see Running an Import Process.

  4. Review your import processes by using the log file produced by EIM (EIM_task#.log).

    This file contains comprehensive status and diagnostic information about the import processes. By default, this file is located in the Siebel server log directory.

 Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide 
 Published: 05 January 2004