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EIM Merge Process

During its multiple passes through the EIM tables, EIM completes the following tasks within a merge process:

EIM provides comprehensive status information about each merge process. When the process ends, you should review this information. For more information, see Checking Merge Results.

Each task involves multiple passes; at least one pass is required for each EIM table included in the process.

NOTE:  Because the merge process affects the contents of base tables, transaction logging should be enabled during merge operations if you have active mobile Web clients, so that the appropriate transactions are captured for later synchronization. For more information, see Enabling Transaction Logging for Merge Processing.

Running through the EIM merge process requires that you perform the following steps, which are discussed in the remaining sections of this chapter:

  1. Preparing the EIM Tables for Merge Processing.
  2. Editing the Configuration File for Merge Processing.
  3. Running a Merge Process.
  4. Checking Merge Results.

 Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide 
 Published: 05 January 2004