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Parameter Settings Optimization for EIM

This section discusses ways that you can optimize EIM performance through parameter settings.


Ignore account synonyms. Set the USING SYNONYMS parameter to FALSE in the .IFB file to indicate that account synonyms can be ignored during processing. This logical operator indicates to EIM that account synonyms do not require processing during import, thus reducing the amount of processing. Do not set the USING SYNONYMS parameter to FALSE if you plan to use multiple addresses for accounts. Otherwise, EIM will not attach addresses to the appropriate accounts. You can use EIM_ACCOUNT to import accounts with multiple addresses and then specify the primary address for an account by setting ACC_PR_ADDR to Y.


Eliminate any PRIMARY KEYS ONLY parameters in your EIM configuration file.

Trace Flag Settings

Generate a task log to identify slow-running steps and queries by using Trace Flags. To use Trace Flags, set Error Flags=1, Trace Flags=1, and SQL Trace Flags=8. Rerun the batch and use the resulting task log to determine which steps and queries are running especially slowly. For additional information on trace flag settings, see Trace Flags.

 Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide 
 Published: 05 January 2004