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Error Flags

To activate error flags, you must complete Step e when running an EIM process. Setting the Error Flags parameter to 1 produces a detailed explanation of rows that were not successfully processed.

NOTE:  Activating flags will have a direct effect on performance. Typically, activating flags should only be done when testing EIM processes. Avoid activating flags in a production environment unless absolutely necessary.

There are a variety of reasons why rows might not be processed. The following sample shows an excerpt from an EIM Error Flag 1 trace. The log begins with a header that describes an export failure that occurred during Step 2, Pass 101.

2001-04-04 03:47:59 4/4/01 3:47 Warning: No rows in S_ORG_EXT matched by expressions for export.

2001-04-04 03:47:59 Process [Export Old Accounts] had all rows fail

2001-04-04 03:47:59 on EIM_ACCOUNT for ] 2001 in step 2, pass 101:

2001-04-04 03:47:59 No base table rows matched expressions. (severity 5)

2001-04-04 03:47:59 Base table:

2001-04-04 03:47:59 S_ORG_EXT (Account)

2001-04-04 03:47:59 The match expressions specified for exporting rows through this interface table

2001-04-04 03:47:59 did not match any of the rows currently in the target base table.

2001-04-04 03:47:59 Since there were no matches for the given match expressions, processing for

2001-04-04 03:47:59 this interface table was discontinued. However, processing of other interface

2001-04-04 03:47:59 tables will continue.

2001-04-04 03:47:59 Recorded 1 group of failures.

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 Published: 05 January 2004